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Hello, I'm Tabby.  I live in Utah (USA) now, although I originally lived on a farm in southern Illinois. I've been married for twelve years and I have eight children...don't faint! I inherited the first six of them, 5 girls and 1 boy, when I married their dad. Then I added two more girls.  :-]   I'm a stay-at-home Mom (and Grandma since age 34) and I'm a very active and a very tired :-[ member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. ():-) Being a former farm girl, I have a greenhouse in my small back yard and I grow tons of flowers and vegetables. I used to show Tennessee Walking Horses and keep waiting for the magical day when I will own a horse farm. I love most kinds of music but gave up singing in public due to stage fright. I only sing in my car now, and the people waiting next to me at intersections are very frightened. I like fine art, especially Monet and including abstracts, and won awards in High School Exhibitions across the state of Illinois; My husband is a movie freak, but I only like some. I studied TV & Film Production in college. I "acted" in our little student film and someone recognized me from it five years later...that's scary! I am not athletic, other than horse-riding where the HORSE is the athlete, but I am a rabid fan of one sport, that is football, any football---hey! I'll even watch arena football! I devour non-fiction books at the rate of 10 or 15 every two weeks, which really irritates my husband as he's watching some satellite movie he thinks I should be interested in, too. I enjoy cooking for fun, but hate cooking for "What's for dinner, Mom?"; I am a scrapbooking and photography addict; I know how to clean house well, but never can find the time to do so...every time someone asks me "Is there anything you DON'T do?" I say "Laundry, cooking, cleaning..." I love sewing Halloween costumes and quilting; and I love my computer when it works! I HATE it when it doesn't.  :-( utahtabby@yahoo.com